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Water Chemicals

Water and waste water treatment chemicals are an individual subject. There are many kind of water chemicals for operating the facilities and also for maintenance and cleaning applications.
Water Chemicals.

Process Water Chemicals

Antiscalant: Antiscalant is a special chemical that is used to avoid clogging of Reverse Osmosis membranes. There are different types of antiscalant which are used for different raw water quality.

Chlorine: used as a disinfectant and oxidant.

Acid: used as balancing PH

Base: used as balancing PH

Biocid: used as avoid bacteriological contamination.

Membrane washing chemicals: used as cleaning of stuffed RO membranes. There are different kinds of membranes acorrding to their amount of contamination.

Waste Water Chemicals

Caustic: ıt provides generaion of caugulation and neutralisation accoording to pH level of Waste Water

Lime: it has to be dissolve in water before applying to Waste Water. Generally, it uses in neutralisation and generation of caugulation.

PAC : efficiency of absorbtion is very high. PAC can resolve easily in water because of their chemial characteristic.

Iron three clochlorine : it is asidic caugulant.

Aluminium sulfate : it provides chemical treatment efficiently.

Barium chlorine : it used in waste water to eleminate sulfate. The amount of barium chlorine is necessay to known, if not it is affect water treatment negatively.

Sodium meta bisulfate : it provides chrome elimination in waste water.

Powder activated carbon : it used high COD efficiency.

Hypochlorite : it used as disinfectant in biological waste water treatment system when the treatment has done.

Biological treatment system conditioner : amount of bacterial generations are increased in biological treatment system for treatment efficieny.