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River Water Treatment Systems

River water treatment system is designed and produced by Vatek Environmental Technologies. This system is made such water sources to usage water.
River Water Treatment Systems.

Mobile Container type of River water treatment systems are preferred in rural areas for their installation and mounting features.

River Water Treatment Systems are Prefered In Those Areas;

  • The villages and rural areas
  • Current temporary settlements
  • military regions
  • industrial zones
  • construction fields

Advantages Of River Water Treatment Systems

  • Easy Installation
  • It is also economical
  • Modular
  • User friendly

The Most Used Capacity

  • 50 m3/h,
  • 100 m3/h,
  • 200 m3/h,
  • 250 m3/h,
  • 400 m3/h
  • 500 m3/h