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Medical Water Treatment System

Water treatment projects are made for medical water treatment systems which includes hemodialysis, private medical applications, neutralization and disinfection systems.
Medical Water Treatment System.

Water Treatment For Hemodialysis Treatments

System design, mounting and turnkey construction, the supply of the necessary consumables  to exsisting systems and technical services are our performs to get qualified water for hemodialysis treatment system

Custom made Pure Water Systems For Medical Applications

Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Immunology, food, and many laboratories  need deionized, pure and ultra-pure water production systems. Manufacturing, installation and provision of technical services and also other necessary services are given accorrding to costumer demands.

Neutralization and Disinfection Systems

Waste water occurs especially from Devices which make  blood analysis in laboratory, have to be neutralized and disinfected, Those system are efficient for the meutralization and disinfection of this type of water.